1. Create FTX.com account (Non-US), or an FTX.us Institutional Account (US). KYC required. Personal (non-institutional) FTX.US Accounts are not compatible with TAAS.

  2. Create an FTX Subaccount. Name the Subaccount the name of your organization + TAAS. E.g. “GoogleTAAS”. Learn More Here

  3. Fund your subaccount with either Fiat or Cryptocurrency. Convert the currency used to fund into your USDT balance.

  4. Create a “Trade” API-Key from the API page. Learn More Here

  5. Send the "API Key", "Secret", and the name of your Subaccount to taascapital@gmail.com with the subject “API Ready”.

 Once your API key has been submitted, TAAS will begin to automatically start trading on your FTX subaccount.