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Account Set Up


  1. Create account (Non-US), or an Institutional Account (US). KYC required.
    Personal (non-institutional) FTX.US Accounts are not compatible with TAAS.

  2. Create an FTX Subaccount. Name the Subaccount the name of your organization + TAAS. E.g. “yourfullname/organizationTAAS”. Learn More Here

  3. Fund your FTX subaccount with either Fiat or Cryptocurrency. Convert the currency to USDT balance.
    A minimum total account balance is $100k. This is required by FTX to trade derivatives in the US.

  4. Create a "Withdrawal Password", so only you have access to remove funds.

  5. Create a “Trade” API-Key from the API page. Learn more here

  6. Submit the "API Key", "Secret", and name of the subaccount here.

 Once your API key has been submitted, TAAS will begin to automatically start trading on your FTX subaccount.

API Setup

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