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*TAAS in Action. Short-term bullish & bearish conditions are identified by TAAS. A Short, or Long position is then automatically triggered on members' FTX accounts via API. 

Trading Methodology

The TAAS trading algorithm initiates short-term swing trades, opening & closing positions in USDT (the world’s largest stable coin). The trading algorithm executes calculated long & short positions to maximize profit no matter the market conditions. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, TAAS detects trading opportunities with a high likelihood of profitability. Once a trade is identified, the TAAS algorithm will automatically open a position for the respective trade on the member's account via API. In addition to opening a position, TAAS will automatically set markers to close the trade. These include a sell price (“take profit”), and an exit price (“stop loss”). When the price hits the associated target profit will be made, or downside mitigated.

Tradn Methodology


TAAS's in-house trading team uses machine learning & AI to continuously improve on efficiency, profitability, and risk mitigation. TAAS was developed by sifting through millions of trading set-ups in 2020. After the team identified a profitable strategy, forward-testing was conducted for 6 months to confirm strategy results prior to official deployment.

After strategy identification, our team integrated various backend tools to enable automatic trading on our member's accounts without requiring account access. We wished to create a product that gave our members full access to their funds at all times, and put the responsibility of compensating our team in their hands. This is in steep contrast to the various fraud, "rug-pulling", and scams that many investors have fallen victim to in the in the crypto space.


How will the TAAS strategy behave in a market sell-off or a ‘Black Swan’ event?

TAAS will likely make profit in a large market sell-off, as the underlying long-short strategy has a 93% win-rate in bearish market conditions. If a flash clash occurs while a long-position is open, the trade would close at the stop loss in order to mitigate losses. If a stop loss is triggered, the algorithm should cut losses faster, decreasing the depth of the drawdown in comparison to manual trading or a capital weighted portfolio.


Does TAAS use leverage?

TAAS does not utilize leverage in trades. The TAAS license trades with a maximum of 50% of the total account balance at any given time to mitigate downside risk.


What is the maximum I can lose in TAAS?

TAAS has incurred a maximum loss of 18.62% in a single trade since deployment. Despite the occasional loss, TAAS has recovered from any short-term loss, generating over 400% cumulative profit from January, 2021 through May 2022. No TAAS member to-date has incurred a cumulative loss on their principal balance. Over the last 17 months TAAS has proven to be consistently profitable on a mid & long-term time frame. 

What exchanges work with TAAS?

TAAS connects with all accounts. TAAS also connects with FTX.US Institutional & Derivatives accounts. 

Trading Questions
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