Due to the nature of our automated systems, all members follow specific 

guidelines for withdrawals & deposits into their TAAS-powered FTX account .

Notify TAAS Support On Each Withdrawal/Deposit

Please notify our support team at least 1 week prior to any deposit or withdrawal. Our team will need to manually reset our systems so to ensure functionality of your FTX account's trading API. Notify support with the exact date & amount being withdrawn or deposited into your custodial FTX account below. Withdrawals & Deposits should only be made at the end of the month, as this is when systems recalibrate.


Failure to notify our support team at least 7 days prior to a transfer in or out of the TAAS-powered FTX Sub-account is a breach of the TAAS license agreement. Any transfer activity initiated without prior notice may lead to a $1,000 penalty, and licensing privileges revoked.


Manual withdrawals & deposits should only be made after the month has come to a close. The TAAS support team must manually reset automated systems after each deposit & withdrawal outside of your account to ensure TAAS is working properly with your account. It is best to perform transfers on the first of the month. Withdrawals or deposits made in the middle of a monthly cycle will have a $500 system-recalibration fee, added to the following month's invoice.


Notify TAAS support of an upcoming withdrawal or Deposit

Transfer Notice Received. TAAS support will confirm receipt within 1-3 business days. Please submit again or email taascapital@gmail.com if you do not receive correspondence within 3 business days.